Global Temperature Likely To Set Another Record In 2024

Pixabay Pexels

The North Atlantic is warmer than forecast. One scientist described it as “freakishly warm.” The waters around Florida are higher than after record highs last year. Some coral reefs will completely disappear in 2024.

Wildfire RiskSpread To Spain

Drought and heat, primarily caused by climate change, have caused huge wildfires in Texas. Recently, deadly fires have also affected parts of Hawaii and Chile. Some of the largest wildfires in history hit Canada last year.

2024 will likely be the hottest year on record based on global temperatures. In a new research paper titled “Enhanced risk of record-breaking regional temperatures during the 2023–24 El Niño‘“ the authors wrote: “The likelihood of global mean SAT (surface air temperature” exceeding historical records, calculated from July 2023 to June 2024, is estimated at 90%, contingent upon annual-mean sea surface temperature anomalies in the eastern equatorial Pacific exceeding 0.6 °C.” 

This conclusion comes as no surprise. Several other studies show temperatures rising across the globe, including in the North Atlantic, Arctic, and Antarctica. There is also no evidence that very modest efforts by governments and industries have cut greenhouse gas emissions.

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