Texas Wildfire Smoke Could Extend Hundreds Of Miles

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Much like Canadian wildfires in the country’s northeastern regions spread smoke as far south as New York City and west to Minneapolis, the huge wildfires in Texas have started to spread heavy smoke into the Plains states. In years past, this has also happened when wildfires in California sent smoke into Montana. 

Texas WildfireBigger Than Rhode Island

NOAA weather maps show that smoke from the current wildfires has started to move Oklahoma, Kansas, and Arkansas. Depending on the direction of the wind, the smoke could go further north. 

Smoke Caused Illness

Wildfire smoke can affect human health, particularly in people who already have lung illness. ABC reported last year that “Inhaling toxic smoke and ash from wildfires could cause damage to the body — including the lungs and heart — and even weaken our immune systems, experts said.” Heavy smoke can also undermine farming. According to The Guardian, “Smoke from blazes lingered over Ohio and other states in the corn belt affecting maturation, raising fears of crop damage.”

These examples show that climate change in one part of the world can change conditions hundreds or even thousands of miles away. Among the best examples of this is how melting ice in the Arctic and Antarctic raises sea levels and triggers coast flooding, a condition that will be permanent.

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