Best Selling EVs In America

Generally, the media and car companies send out the best-selling EVs each month or each year. But what about sales going back to the point when an EV model was introduced? 

US Government –Americans Need EVs By 2031

To determine the best-selling EVs in America, Slash Gear included hybrids and vehicles from Honda and Toyota, some of which were introduced to the US market over a decade ago.

Even though many of the best-selling EVs on the list were built and marketed by companies among the world’s largest manufacturers, Tesla’s.

Tesla On Top

Slash Gear reports that the Tesla Model 3 has sold 1,101,594 vehicles since its launch in 2017. The Model 3 is Tesla’s inexpensive sedan and has a base price of about $31,000

Next on the list is the Model Y crossover, introduced in 2020. Tesla has sold 922,223 of these. 

Tesla, despite some bumps recently, had over half the EV market in 2023. This does not, however, include hybrids. 

Like all EV companies, Tesla faces a car-buying public in the US worried about the expense, range on a single charge, and the number of charging stations. The race as the top EV company continues to be Tesla’s to lose

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