Beryl Earliest Major Hurricane In History

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No hurricane east of the Lesser Antilles islands has reached Category 4 in June.–Axios.

In a warning, among other things, to America’s East Coast and the states along the Gulf of Mexico, major hurricanes will hit earlier in the year, with more ferocity. Beryl is an early example of what scientists say is an emerging trend. 

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Two effects of faster-developing hurricanes are that first, they are harder to forecast. Beryl moved from a Category 2 to a Category 4 hurricane in hours. This is driven to a large extent by much warmer ocean temperatures both in the mid-Atlantic and in those close to America’s coasts. People and businesses will have much less time to prepare for these storms.  The danger to humans rises, and so does the destruction of unprepared structures.

Category 5

Second, at their peaks, these storms are much more likely to be powerful. Category 4 hurricanes rarely hit US coastal areas. Only 16 storms that reached Category 5 hurricane status have affected America since 2000. In total, these have killed over 10,000 people and caused over $300 billion in damages.

These massive storms, developing quickly, will take more lives and cause tens of billions of dollars more damage.

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