Miami Hurricane Threat Clear From Beryl

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Hurricane Beryl is racing west across the Caribbean toward the Mexican coast. As may be the case for the East Coast of the US, and in particular, Miami, its evolution from a storm to a powerful hurricane took place rapidly.

When Will First Hurricane Hit Florida?

Beryl strengthened so rapidly because of the warming water in the Atlantic and water near Florida and the Gulf of Mexico, which is at record temperatures. Saturday afternoon, it was a Category 1 hurricane. At 5 AM Sunday, it was upgraded to Category 2 with sustained winds of over 100 MPH. It is expected to make landfall as a Category 3 storm.

AccuWeather states, “Tropical storms and hurricanes in the central and eastern Atlantic are rare this early in the season. This area of the Atlantic, known as the main development region, does not typically spawn tropical storms and hurricanes until mid-August or later.”

Several tropical storms and one large Hurricane–Ida–hit Florida last year. From 2000 to 2023, the state has been hit by 79 hurricanes or subtropical wind storms. NOAA and several weather services believe that the 2024 hurricane season could be the worst in history in terms of storm frequency and storm size.

Two years ago, scientists said that two-thirds of Miami would be underwater by 2060. For some parts of the city, that may come sooner, at least temporarily.

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