First 2024 Hurricane May Hit the Caribbean

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Accuweather says that conditions are suitable for the first hurricane of the Atlantic season. Several organizations expect this to be the worst hurricane season on record in terms of both the number and intensity of storms.

Severe Storm Concern –Moving To New York And Northeast

Over the past couple of days, one particular batch of showers and thunderstorms over the south-central Atlantic has emerged in center stage. This feature is part of dozens of tropical waves that originate from the Indian Ocean and drift across Africa in the form of breezes and thunderstorms annually.

Part of the analysis is based on satellite-based information and models.

The Cost Of Hurricanes

Hurricanes have caused a multitude of economic problems in Florida. First among these is the cost of residential real estate, which has risen by double digits in some parts of the state. In a small number of places, homes are not affordable at all.

The cascade effect of insurance rates is that home prices have also started to fall. Uninsurbla homes do not only have the risk of expensive damage costs. Many mortgages are not available without insurance.

Accuweather says it is too early to decide; hurricane season may be underway.

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