Climate Ruining US Tourism

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Several parts of the US that make much of their money from tourism are being destroyed by violent climate change. These include California’s Big Sur Coast Highway, homes and tourism along North Carolina’s Outer Banks, Washington DC’s monument areas, Key West, and Hawaii. The list comes from USA Today. 

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The places mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg. Lake Mead reached such low levels that a colossal tourist population disappeared. According to 12News, which covered the problem in 2021:

“On the north leg of the lake sits a stark example of what happens when water access disappears completely. Echo Bay used to be an incredibly popular place. There was a marina in the water, a large RV park and a resort sitting just up the boat ramp. It was so popular, it had its own airstrip.” Tourism in that area has dropped to nearly zero.

Yellowstone Park

Huge floods have closed parts of Yellowstone Park, among the most visited national parks in the country.

Climatecrisis247 believes that although this list gives good examples, it needs to be completed. US tourism in many parts of the nation, mainly those close to the oceans, could be destroyed to the point where it will disappear completely, decimating some economies.

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