Climate Change Could Wipe Out Beer

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Add hops to the long list of agricultural commodities that could be destroyed by climate change. Just days ago, grapes used to make wine were added to the list. Cacoa crops are in trouble in West Africa, which has increased chocolate prices. Neither is as important as the ravaged wheat and corn fields of farms in poor countries, but beer and wine make good headlines.

Wine –More Climate Problems

According to the BBC: “Warmer, drier conditions have also affected the trademark bitter flavour hops gives beer. And the worry is that because of climate change, the problem is only going to get worse. Eddie Gadd, the head brewer at Ramsgate Brewery said that it was already having an impact.”Climate change is very relevant to me.”

Beer is not just a matter of taste. Globally, it is a $831 billion market based on 2023 numbers. According to Fortune Insights, the market “is projected to grow from $851.15 billion in 2024 to $1,167.47 billion by 2032.” The 2023 number is close to Switzerland’s annual GDP

Beer news may be trivial. However, if it helps to point out the more significant problems of how collated changes are wiping out food crops worldwide, it is worth mentioning. 

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