Beryl Will Cost Texas Billions Of Dollars

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Hurricane Beryl, one of the most powerful in recent history, will leave Mexico and work toward Texas. The Gulf’s warm water could turn it into a powerful hurricane again. The state, particularly around Houston, America’s fourth largest city, faces winds as high as 100 MPH, floods, and hurricanes. 

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A much smaller storm that hit Houston in May carried 100 MPH winds and caused $5 billion in damage in a few hours. Beryl is a much and more powerful storm that could affect the city for a day. The May windstorm was reasonably isolated. Beryl will not be.

It is hard to estimate the damage Beryl will cause. Storms of its size that have hit major US cities recently have caused damage over $100 billion. If Beryl hits Houston dead on, the figure will certainly be at that level. 

Houston’s Five Million People

And, Beryl will do much damage to more than Houston. The city’s Metropolitan Statistical Area has over five million residents. 

The last large hurricane that hit Houston was in 2017. It caused over $125 billion in damage.

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