San Diego Already Has More Than A Year Of Rain

Stephan Seeber Pexels

The constant flooding of much of the West Coast caused by torrential rains from the Pacific has brought record daily rain levels to some cities. According to the National Weather Service in San Diego, the city has already had as much rain as it gets in a year. What weather experts call the “rain year” starts on October 1.

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In a post on X, the NWS San Diego said

Ever wonder how much rain falls in your area each year? San Diego and Riverside have seen their annual average rainfall since the start of the water year on October 1st. 

The San Diego annual figure is 9.82 inches. 

Records aside, the property damage to the California coast is already tremendous. Accuweather put the damage at $11 billion as early as February 4. There have been two huge storms since then. The same week, CoreLogic said 543,000 were at risk for flood damage.


The odds of more flooding, rain, and snow in the mountains are high. Blizzard conditionals dropped several feet of snow in the mountains west of the coast of California and into Nevada, 

The vast storms are a mixed blessing. The trade-off is storms that destroy homes and businesses on the coast against rain and melting snow, which will partially relieve what had been called a 1,200-year drought. That drought had all but ruined some agriculture production regions.

The situation is such that whenever there are winners in one place, there are losers in the other.

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