Tire Wear Problems Hit EV Industry

Mike Bird Pexels

According to the highly regarded J..D. Power U.S. Original Equipment Tire Customer Satisfaction Study, EV customers are surprised and upset that EV tires have a much shorter life than gas-powered cars. 

EV Losers –Ford And Nissan

“The widening satisfaction gap between EVs and gas-powered vehicles highlight an opportunity for tire manufacturers and automakers to educate EV owners on the differences in performance,” said Ashley Edgar, senior director of benchmarking and alternative mobility at J.D. Power.

This adds to challenges for EV companies, which include worry about short battery ranges, a lack of charging stations, and high prices. The pace of EV sales growth in the US has dropped sharply. For some manufacturers, including Ford, monthly EV sales are only in the thousands. Ford has invested billions of dollars in EV R&D, production, and marketing.

Micheline and Goodyear received the best ratings for car tires. The study was based on a poll of 32,151 owners of 2021 and 2022 model-year vehicles. The data was gathered from August through December 2022.

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